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Wrongful Death Lawyer Philadelphia

If one of your family members has died as a result of a defective product or someone’s negligent or intentional act, a wrongful death lawyer from The Killino Firm in Philadelphia can guide you through the process of seeking damages for the pain you and your family have suffered and help you obtain justice from those responsible for your family member’s death.
The Killino Firm knows that the death of a loved one is difficult enough to endure when the death is due to natural causes and comes at the end of a long and well-lived life. When the death is caused by an intentional act, someone’s negligence or recklessness, or a defective product, however, disbelief and anger can make an already heartbreaking situation even worse. Contact the most experienced wrongful death lawyer in all of Philadelphia, and let them handle the details of your case for you.
Wrongful death caused by careless individuals or entities or dangerous products that should never have been allowed to reach the public, demands justice from those responsible. Medical bills, funeral, and other expenses related to a death can be well beyond a family’s ability to afford. Wrongful death actions can not only help such families with these expenses and others during their time of overwhelming grief, but they can also help families achieve a measure of satisfaction in knowing that those responsible for a loved one’s death have been held accountable for their actions.
You may not know that there is legal liability for wrongful deaths. Legal actions brought to recover damages for the wrongful death of another, known as wrongful death actions, are governed by the law of the state in which the action is filed. Most states have enacted Wrongful Death Statutes that list the persons allowed to file wrongful death actions in the particular state. The Killino Firm is well-schooled in wrongful death law, and will confer with you on your case with great consideration and respect for your family’s feelings.
Though wrongful death laws vary somewhat from one state to another, most states allow close relatives of a deceased victim to seek damages suffered by those relatives as a result of the victim’s death. For example, under all states’ wrongful death laws, the spouse of a deceased adult victim may be able to file for and recover damages suffered by the spouse as a result of the adult victim’s death. The parents of a deceased minor child victim may also be allowed to seek damages for the child’s death under all states’ wrongful death laws. In some states, the grandparents and siblings of a deceased minor child may also be allowed to recover compensation for the victim’s death. Call the wrongful death lawyer from Killino Firm in Philadelphia to learn more.
The Killino Firm understands the delicate nature of your wrongful death case, and is ready to stand in your corner and fight for your rights. To speak with a wrongful death lawyer in Philadelphia from Killino Firm, please call 215-569-1299 and request your free consultation.
Wrongful Death Lawyer Philadelphia

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