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family immigration lawyer Houston

family immigration lawyer Houston

Family law in the US is quite complicated. It is even more complicated when the family in question are not all US citizens. Let Fong Ilagan assist your family with all of the forms and hurdles in front of you. We are a top-ranked family immigration lawyer in Houston.

Basics of family immigration law

Family immigration law covers a lot of nuances. Let's examine a few of those areas.

  • Assisting US-based immigrants with bringing over additional family members
  • Assisting US-based immigrants or citizens with bringing over a fiancé and children from overseas
  • Helping US citizens obtain proper documents for a child adopted overseas
  • Helping keep families together in the US that do not all hold legal immigration status

The US system is too byzantine for someone to handle alone. Hire a professional immigration lawyer to help you and your family members.

Length of time it takes for a legal resident to bring additional family members to the US

A family can hit some roadblocks if they try to bring over too many relatives at once. The US government applies caps on how many immigrants can enter the US from a select country each year. That is why it is crucial to work with an immigration attorney from start to finish on your process. They know if there are caps, what that cap is, and when the immigration system is likely to reach it.

The length of time it takes to bring your family members over changes based on multiple criteria. It varies the most based on what country your relatives will arrive from. Regardless, the wait time for a visa to immigrate to the US takes anywhere from 1-3 years.

Which family members can you help with immigration?

There is a misconception that once one member of a family moves to the US and obtains a green card or citizenship, they can bring their whole family to the US. That is not true. There are limits on which relatives you can help come to the US. You may only help immediate family members such as children unmarried and under the age of 21, parents, stepparents, or a spouse.

You are unable to help other relatives obtain their US citizenship. Even though these family members are close relatives, US law does not allow you to help bring them over. That includes grandparents, aunts/uncles, or stepchildren. However, once your immediate relatives meet the criteria for residence in the US, then they can petition to bring other relatives into the country. A family immigration lawyer in Houston can explain all the nuances to you.

Cost for bringing additional immediate relatives to the US

The cost of bringing immediate family members to the US is not cheap. The form you fill out to sponsor them is the I-130. Each I-130 costs $535. There is no discount for multiple forms.

Let Fong Ilagan help you with your immigration questions. Our lawyers have countless years of experience and are some of the best family immigration lawyer in Houston.

family immigration lawyer Houston
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family immigration lawyer Houston
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