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Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyers

The Killino Firm, P.C. has represented Philadelphia area residents on a wide variety of personal injury and wrongful death matters. Our cases have arisen out of car and other vehicle accidents caused by negligence or defective products, brain injuries, birth injuries, and all forms of medical malpractice. Our dedicated team of personal injury lawyers has acquired considerable experience and expertise in

The Killino Firm’s lawyers work tirelessly for each and every one of their clients. We are dedicated to achieving the full measure of justice to which our clients are entitled for the suffering they have endured and may continue to endure long into the future. Financial compensation can never make up for what our clients have lost, but it can go a long way toward helping them cover the unfair expenses they face and enabling them to live their lives to the fullest extent possible, going forward.

If you have sustained injuries or a loved one has died as a result of someone’s negligence or a defective product, The Killino Firm’s team of highly regarded personal injury and wrongful death attorneys is prepared to go the extra mile in fighting for your rights.

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Personal injuries can be caused not only by traffic accidents but also by the negligence of medical professionals, school officials, team coaches, owners and managers of premises, and countless others. They may also be caused by defective products of every sort, from children’s toys to complex equipment used in delicate surgical procedures. No matter what the cause of your personal injury, The Killino Firm’s personal injury attorneys have the expertise and experience to obtain the justice you deserve from those responsible for your suffering.


personal injury lawyerAccidents occur every day in school yards, daycare centers, people’s homes or other buildings, and on our nation’s highways and roads. When these accidents are caused by defective products or someone’s negligence, the victims are entitled to seek compensation for the resulting injuries they have suffered through the institution of legal action against those responsible. The Killino Firm’s accident attorneys have dealt with accident cases of every variety and complexity and will devote as much energy and effort into achieving justice for your accident injuries as they have for countless Philadelphia area clients in the past.


Car and auto accidents may be caused by driver negligence or a defect in one or more of the vehicles involved. In some cases, injuries sustained by a victim in a car accident may be enhanced by defects in vehicle components, such as seatbelts, that are meant to protect victims in the event of a crash. The Killino Firm’s car accident attorneys have handled every type of car accident case and will fight for the compensation to which you are entitled for your car accident injuries or loved one’s death.


Some of the worst accidents result in a victim’s death. Whether the death occurs immediately, or occurs later as a result of injuries sustained in an accident, the victim’s survivors may be entitled to compensation for the damages they have suffered as a result of the victim’s death through the institution of a wrongful death action. The Killino Firm’s wrongful death attorneys have handled cases arising from wrongful deaths caused by all sorts of accidents, defective products, or negligence, including traffic and premises accidents as well as deaths suffered through medical malpractice. Our attorneys are experienced with every type of wrongful death case and will bring compassion as well as expertise to the process of finding some measure of justice for the loss of your loved one.


Motorcycle accidents can lead to complex litigation involving catastrophic injuries as well as complicated issues of liability. Motorcyclists are virtually unprotected against injury when they are involved in a crash and are often overlooked by careless motorists who are not in the habit of watching out for smaller vehicles. The Killino Firm’s motorcycle accident attorneys know the law and unique challenges of motorcycle accident cases and will fight for the compensation you deserve for your motorcycle accident injuries or family member’s death.


Truck crashes often involve multiple vehicles and can result in devastating injuries. The relative size and weight of any truck in comparison to that of a car or other smaller vehicle renders the drivers and passengers of non-truck vehicles especially vulnerable to injury or death from such accidents. The Killino Firm’s truck accident attorneys have handled a great many truck accident cases and have full knowledge and understanding of truck accident law and liability. Whether your truck accident injuries were caused by a defective vehicle, driver negligence, or a combination of the two, we will find the causes of your injuries and do our utmost to bring the responsible parties to justice.


Birth injuries can destroy a family’s dreams in an instant. Though many birth injuries occur through no fault of medical professionals or the hospitals in which children are born, others may be due to medical malpractice during a woman’s pregnancy and/or the labor and delivery stages of childbirth. Birth injuries come in many forms and cause various levels of damage to a newborn child. Some birth injuries may be resolved during the first years of life, while others may have permanent effects. These injuries affect not only the child who has been afflicted with the birth injury but also the parents who will need to alter their lives to care for the injured child. The Killino Firm’s birth injury attorneys will handle your case with expertise and compassion and will do everything within their power to obtain the compensation to which you and your family are entitled.


Most medical professionals are careful and dedicated individuals who provide more than adequate care to most, if not all, of their patients. But, even the most careful physician or nurse can make a careless medical mistake. When you or a family member has been injured due to medical negligence or malpractice, you are entitled to compensation from those responsible. The Killino Firm’s medical malpractice lawyers have extensive experience with all types of medical malpractice cases and work with the most competent and experienced experts to obtain justice for each and every client.


People can suffer brain injuries from traffic accidents, asphyxiation during childbirth, falls, the ingestion of harmful substances, non-fatal drowning, and even medications or drugs. These injuries often cause life-long difficulties with learning, employment, social skills, and other daily activities. The Killino Firm’s brain injury attorneys have handled a considerable number of brain injury cases and have the knowledge, compassion, and dedication to do what it takes to acquire the compensation you need and deserve.


Defective products of all sorts cause personal injuries and deaths every day. From toys and other products intended solely for children’s use to trucks and other motor vehicles, each one of these products, when allowed to reach the public in a defective state, has the potential to cause serious injuries and wrongful death. The Killino Firm’s defective products attorneys know product liability law and the unique challenges of holding manufacturers and others responsible for deaths or injuries caused by their dangerous products. Our lawyers have obtained national recognition for their pursuit of justice against such defendants and will fight to do the same for you.

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The Killino Firm's highly experienced and dedicated team of personal injury, defective products, and wrongful death lawyers and paralegals, headed by attorney Jeffrey Killino, represents clients throughout the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, area in a wide variety of personal injury and wrongful death matters.
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